Wondering when the best time to move is or what states most people are moving away from? We’ve gathered some fun and interesting stats all about the moving industry to help sate your curiosity! Which do you find the most surprising?

Moving Industry Statistics

  • The average American moves 11 times in their lifetime.
  • According to the data, nearly 31 million people moved in 2019 in the United States alone. That’s almost 10% of Americans!
  • Summer is the busiest season for the moving industry. Nearly 60% of all annual moves take place between May and August.
  • The least busy season? You guessed it. Winter. Only 6% of moves occur annually in December and January.
  • 44% of those moving do so for individual or family reasons.
  • 38% of those moving do so for corporate or job related reasons.
  • There are around 50,000 moving trucks in the United States alone and over 7,000 different moving companies.
  • Individuals looking for 1 bedroom homes move the most (28%) whereas those looking for 4+ bedroom homes move the least (8%).
  • Despite big name moving companies, the moving industry is comprised mostly of small businesses. In fact, nearly 50% of moving companies in the United States have fewer than five employees.
  • What areas are people moving away from the most? Here are the top ten: Illinois, New Jersey, West Virginia, New York, Alaska, North Dakota, Connecticut, Kansas, Michigan, and California.(Sources: US Census Bureau, American Moving & Storage Association, IBIS World, US News & World Report.)Ready to FreeUp your space?
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