Self storage is an easy and convenient option for those that are moving, decluttering, or remodeling, or for those who simply need to FreeUp a little room. And while a great number of items are perfectly safe for storage, there are some things that either aren’t safe to store, go against rules and regulations, or that are just downright strange and aren’t permitted for storage.

If you’re curious about what’s not appropriate to store in your storage unit, contact us here or check out our list below of what not to store! 

Things That Go Boom  

Generally speaking, firearms, ammunition, and other weapons aren’t considered storage unit friendly (Yes, this includes flamethrowers. Looking at you, Elon Musk.). These items present a liability not only for the storage unit owner, but for the storage unit company as well. 

Hazardous materials, namely those that are flammable or combustible, are also unsafe to keep in storage units due to potential risk. 

Things That Go Bad

A good rule of thumb: If it can go bad, don’t store it. This includes perishables, living things such as plants or pets, and also things that used to be living things. While you may believe the last goes without saying, one Florida family begs to differ. 

Things That Are Illegal

That’s right, folks! Stolen goods and drugs are obviously a big no-no legally and morally speaking, but did you know that they also aren’t permitted in storage units? These things are generally turned over to the authorities once discovered by security. Naturally, we recommend giving the stolen goods back to the rightful owners and saying no to drugs. 

And None Of These Things Either 

Inoperable, unregistered, or uninsured vehicles are on the “no” list for most storage facilities.  This includes boats, RVs, trailers, motorcycles, cars, trucks, etc. 

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