Moving is a part of life, and for many people it’s as stressful as it is exciting. Moving day will always be a big day, but with these tips you can lessen your stress and focus on settling into your new home or business.

Five Packing Tips For Your Big Move

Put together an essentials bag. Grab a suitcase, duffle bag, or box and mark it as your designated essentials bag – trust us, you’re gonna need it! We recommend packing your essentials bag with items you’re going to want on hand for your big move-in day or the day after. A few common items that we see people pack in theirs include: toilet paper, cleaning supplies, snacks, beverages, coffee maker and coffee supplies, garbage bags, and a set (or two!) of silverware.

Color code your boxes. Get your favorite markers or post-it notes out, it’s time to color code. Color coding might seem a little *extra* but we promise that it’s much easier than you think and it goes a long way towards smoothing out the whole packing and unpacking process. Pick a color for a room and then make sure everything from that room is packed in the box with its appropriate color. When you’re unloading your boxes, you’ll know right away which room to take it to.

Secure items that run the risk of spilling. Items like shampoo, dish soap, and cleaning supplies are all spill prone, and depending on what they’re packed with these spills could damage whatever else it’s with, or worse it could leak through the box. Grab a little plastic wrap and cover the item so that if it does spill, it won’t be going far!

Leave your clothes on their hangers. Talk about a time saver. This moving tip is one of our favorites because taking everything off its hangers just to have to rehang them is incredibly time consuming. Instead, leave your clothes on their hangers and pack them as is. When you open the box, everything is closet-ready.

Pack your dresser drawers. Sure, this means you’ll have a few extra items to move but this tip is super handy if you’re running low on boxes or want to limit the number of boxes you need to buy and use. Here’s how we recommend using them: take out the drawers, pack them up, secure the top with plastic wrap, and voila!

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