Does the stress of moving have you ready to pull your hair out? You aren’t alone! In fact, 45% of people reported moving as the highest stress inducing life event. And while we may assume our kiddo’s have it easy, it’s actually considered an equally stressful life event for children. Sure, moving is less complicated for kids, but it can be difficult for them to anticipate, or adjust to, the unknowns of moving to a new home – especially if they feel particularly attached to their current room, neighborhood, school, and friends.

Reduce moving stress for your kids with these tips specifically intended to make moving more comfortable for children, and be sure to check out our general moving tips as well.

Minimize The Number Of Unknowns

Kids have big imaginations, and so, as parents, when we’re stingy on the details our kids’ minds can get a little carried away filling in the blanks. Sharing information with them about their new school, neighborhood, and city can help reduce their anxiety and get them excited about the changes to come.

Plan A Visit To Your New Neighborhood Or City

If feasible, it’s always a good idea to plan a family visit to the new neighborhood or city you intend to move to. After all, telling your kids about the changes they can expect after they move is one thing, but showing is completely different! Your kids may be excited to see the change in scenery or maybe they’ll be excited about a new playground, park, or museum to explore.

Give Them Something Special To Look Forward To

Letting your kids choose how to decorate their new room can help give them something special to look forward to after the big move. Whether it’s picking out some new decorations and a new bedspread or letting them have a hand in choosing the paint or wallpaper for their new room, it goes a long way towards helping them feel more excited and more in control.

Don’t Pack Away All Of Their Comfort Items

It’s easy to get stuck in go mode when packing, especially if you’re on a tight timeline, so be mindful to set aside your kiddo’s favorite comfort items. Blankets, favorite toys, or games are usually go to’s!

Remember To Take Care Of Yourself

Your kids pick up on your emotions and their environment, so remember to take care of yourself first. You’ll be far better equipped to handle your move, and your kids will tune into the increased sense of ease which will go a long ways towards reducing any anxiety they may be feeling about the big move.

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