When looking for a storage unit to match your needs, you’ll likely find yourself considering the pros and cons of climate controlled storage vs. standard storage. While standard storage is a perfectly suitable option for certain items or for short term storage, some items are better suited in a climate controlled unit. 

Items That Are Best Stored In Climate Controlled Units

  • Antiques and Collectibles 
  • Electronics
  • Clothing
  • Medical Supplies 
  • Artwork 
  • Home Appliances  
  • Mattresses 
  • Sports Equipment 
  • Important Documents 

Benefits Of Renting A Climate Controlled Unit

Protection From Drastic Temperature Changes: The items mentioned above – antiques, artwork, important documents, etc. – are particularly susceptible to damages from extreme temperatures and drastic temperature changes. These damages can include warping, cracking, and molding. With a climate controlled unit, your valuables are protected from both the heat and the cold. 

Less Dust And Debris: With a better seal and better air quality, there’s less chance of dust and debris settling into your storage unit and getting into your electronics, home appliances, and other goods. 

Peace Of Mind: If you’re unsure about going with a climate controlled unit, consider the quality and value of the items you’ll be storing, as well as the length of time you’ll need them to be stored. Your valuables may be safe in a traditional unit for a short period of time, but for high quality items or items that mean a lot to you, long term storage in a traditional unit will likely leave them vulnerable to damages. Get peace of mind with a climate controlled unit! 

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