Adorning our homes and work spaces with holiday decor connects us to long standing traditions spanning hundreds of years, and though these traditions may vary region to region, or even family to family, the purpose is largely the same: to celebrate and honor our history and the holiday at hand. But between Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, it certainly does have the potential to get out of hand, doesn’t it? Just a quick glance around your living room or your office, and you’ll likely find that there isn’t enough space to reasonably store all of that seasonal decor. After all, there’s only so much Marie Kondo-ing one can do.  

Instead of tossing away holiday treasures, invest in a storage unit and consider these three things before choosing a facility: location, size, and climate. 

Location, Location, Location 

For ease of access and added convenience, make sure you choose a storage facility that’s located nearby so that you won’t have far to travel when it comes time to get into the holiday spirit. We know that at first it may feel odd to not have everything you need onsite, but wouldn’t it be nice to actually be able to park your car in your garage year-round instead of reserving that space for a tree you only use once a year? 

This One’s Just Right 

Just like Goldilocks, you’ll need to find a unit size that’s just right for your storage needs. Otherwise, you may end up either overpaying for a unit that’s too large for you, or have to move out of a unit that’s too small to store all of your holiday decor. To make sure you get the right storage unit for you, check out the facility’s size guide or pay the facility an in-person visit to get a quick tour. 

Mind The Weather 

Some holiday decorations are quite beloved, and may be passed down generation to generation. We know how important these are to you and your loved ones, so choosing a storage facility that offers climate controlled units is your best bet to keeping them safe from weather related damages. 

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