Each new year millions of people around the world set their sights towards the future with the intention to spark positive change. These New Year’s resolutions are often quite personal, as the most common resolutions tend to center around professional or personal development. One thing that always seems to land on the top ten lists of most common resolutions? Getting organized. 

If you’re among those ready to FreeUp your space in the new year, we recommend starting here: 

Let’s Talk Seasonal Decorations 

If you’re that special someone that has a bad habit of leaving up your Christmas lights well into January or February, this one’s for you. 

The best way to kick off your new year is with a clean, fresh space free of decor from holiday’s long passed. And why bother taking up valuable space at home, especially for decor you only need once a year? Storage units are the perfect option here, and unless it’s antique, you don’t necessarily have to go with a climate controlled option. 

Speaking Of Seasonal 

Those other items you only wrangle out of the back of your closet once or twice a year? It’s time to tuck them safely into storage as well. Just think, that kayak occupying your partner’s parking spot in the garage can finally have a home that’s still convenient to access, but no longer inconvenient to store. Certainly something to aspire towards in the new year! 

Ready To FreeUp Your Space? 

FreeUp Storage has secure, affordable, and conveniently located units across the nation. With a variety of options, including climate controlled units and vehicle storage, FreeUp storage has the perfect solution for you and all your storage needs.