Self storage is an easy and convenient solution to FreeUp space at your home or business, or for those in the process of moving, but we know how stressful the transition can be. Take the stress out of storage by avoiding these three common mistakes.

DON’T Get A Unit That Doesn’t Suit Your Needs

It’s important to get the right storage unit for you and your needs. When looking for a storage unit, you’ll likely find yourself considering the pros and cons of climate controlled storage vs. standard storage. While standard storage is a perfectly suitable option for certain items or for short term storage, some items are better suited in a climate controlled unit. Save yourself money and time by doing a bit of research in advance to ensure you choose the right storage
unit type for you.

DON’T Forego Labels or Organization

Moving days are hectic, and while it may be tempting to forego labels or organization for the sake of “getting it done” you’ll be setting yourself up for a headache in the long run. Rather than facing a mass of boxes when it comes time to track down that important document or treasured holiday staple, label your boxes in advance and put items that need to be more easily accessible at the front of your unit.

DON’T Forget to Keep Records

Speaking of staying organized, the only thing worse than searching through storage all day to find what you need is to search all day only to find that what you’re looking for wasn’t in your unit at all. For better security and increased peace of mind, keep both a physical and digital record of what you put in your storage unit.

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